Snoh Aalegra – Feels

Like me, you may not be too familiar with the name Snoh Aalegra. Browsing in the new releases on a Fri my eyes were attracted to the cover art of album so I decided to give it a shot.
You know that feeling when you put on a pair of jeans, reach into your pockets to extend the perfect fit and find $5.00?   That is the same excited feeling I got 2 songs into this album… pulling out a fiver.  From what I have gathered looking her up  she has had some music wins, in fact You may have even heard her voice sampled on Drakes “Do Not Disturb.”
The album Feels immediately puts you in just the right mood to sit back and listen to the whole thing, and I do mean the entire album.  To me this is like an enjoyable movie where you can’t wait to see what is next but you also don’t want to rush it because you don’t want it to end.  Songs like, You Got Me which is simply about being mesmerized by someone attractive will have you bobbin your head in your Honda Pilot waiting in line to pick up your kids…. Or while going to do something amazing.  Totally up to you.
Her voice is haunting and beautifully comforting while the accompanying music flows so smoothly you feel like you’re swimming underwater.   I kept waiting for the “Filler” song with no luck  as the songs just kept knocking it out of the park while Snoh takes you through a journey from her perspective and graces you with her creativity. I’m excited to see the career of Snoh Aalegra and exactly what is to come. I am a complete super fan now and heading to Spencer’s to see if they have any posters.

Rating: 😍

Playlist Worthy:  Sometimes (feat. Logic)

If You Liked it,  Check Out: Floetry


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