Jessie Reyez – Kiddo

I’m conflicted here and I’ll tell you why; I have so much respect for Jessie Reyez as an artist and a strong woman.  I want to love this album but I don’t.  Please do not misunderstand there are some wonderful songs on here.  Figures is catchy with a nice hook and powerfully emotional causing you to want to scream out “How in the fuck would you feel…..”  If this wasn’t powerful enough it is immediately followed up by Gatekeeper a song written about the nasty underside of trying to break through.  Keep in mind this is before Harvey Weinstein was public knowledge.  There is also a short film that she made which is pretty powerful in my opinion.  But that’s where it ends for me.  Her voice is oddly perfect and her talent is over the scales and I think there will be big things from her in the future, this was just not it for me.

Rating: 😏

Playlist Worthy:  FiguresGateKeeper

If You Liked it,  Check Out:  Grimes – Visions


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