L.A. Guns – The Missing Peace

The magic that is L.A. Guns is back and I’m 100% positive it is because Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis were able to get back together and create that spark that ignites the beauty that is Rock N Roll.
Right out of the gate this album hits you with It’s All the Same to Me which is good and you feel content until the second song Speed comes on.  This is about the time when you shit yourself because you either forgot how great real rock sounded or were not born while this was happening.  The album is filled with catchy hooks and songs with their own individual sounds.  One of my personal favorites is Christine , a beautiful ballad about a nostalgic moment while drinking reminiscing of a lost love.  At least this is what I believe it to be but what the hell do I know.
If you were a fan of the music in the mid to late eighties or if you want to expand your horizons and experience real rock not the watered down mom bands then stream this, purchase the vinyl however you get your fix, give it a shot.

Rating: 😍

Playlist Worthy:  ChristineSpeed

If You Liked it,  Check Out:  L.A. Guns – Hollywood Vampires, D-A-D  –  No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims



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