Snoop Dogg – Make America Crip Again

Snoop Dogg is to Hip Hop/Rap what Led Zeppelin is to Rock Music.   Contributing to Dr. Dre on the Chronic album in ’92 in my opinion took the album from great to an all time classic album that will be listened to for generations to come.  He followed it up with Doggystyle in November of ’93 which to this day if you start playing it someone will scream for “Lodi SnoopDoggyDoggDoggystyleDodi”.  Snoop made it okay to say, “yes I like to smoke weed” and  Snoop made it okay for a white hick like myself to enjoy gangsta rap and want to learn about more artist in this genre.
This past Friday he came out with a new album, which I found a little odd because he just releasedNeva Left in May of 2017.  “Make America Crip Again” is his new album and it is as bad as the name.  I’m not really sure what this release is all about.  It could be that he is surrounded by Yes Men who just tell him everything he does is amazing like, “Hey Snoop, turning reggae is totally fine.”
The album begins with him being somewhat political which is great, who better to reach a younger audience about politics,  BUT I don’t think making america Crip again is the way to go.  I never knew America was Crip in the first place.  The second song is  a collaboration with Chris Brown making it a little difficult to be righteous and then share a song with that guy.
I think what I find the most troubling about this album is that it feels like Snoop is trying too hard to be current.  Snoop is SNOOP DOGG, the guy you ask, “Oh is he crazy, with his mama and his daddy hollering baaaaby.”  As I type this review please understand I have the upmost respect for this guy, hell I wish I had a tenth of his talent but this album fell way flat for me.  I wanted to like it but I could not find anything redeeming about this release.

Rating: 😷 💩

Playlist Worthy:  Find Something Off DoggyStyle



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